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I turned 37 today. My better half took me chez Thiou, an excellent Thaï restaurant. Délicieux. We walked half-way back home, three kilometers along the Seine. Beautiful city, nice weather, good food, que demande le peuple ?

[Update] OK, le peuple demande l'adresse: Thiou, 49 quai d'Orsay, PARIS 7ème. Thiou is the name of the Chef and she is allegedly one of the greatest Thaï Chefs in Paris. At least, since Oth Sombath is out of the picture now that the Bali Bar (Bastille) has closed (a real shame, one of the best Thaï restaurants in Paris, all fucked up in weeks by a new owner), we have a new place to go. You may also appreciate the Blue Elephant (near Bastille again).