New prices and licenses for Movable Type 3.0D

Six Apart has announced pricing and licensing changes to Movable Type. In short there are now more license types:

Introductory prices become the permanent prices. Only the free personal edition remains unchanged and limited to one author and three weblogs. All the other licenses allow for an unlimited number of weblogs and prices vary according to the number of active authors. The commercial license also offers a per-site option if the per-seat one is not suitable. The upgrade path is clearer (one time fees except a 20% annual maintenance fee for some commercial licenses, minor updates are free, major upgrades come with a rebate for paid customers.)

Removing the limit on the number of weblogs is smart because: 1) you can assemble many weblogs into one site for advanced uses of MT as a CMS -- which is good news for MT users -- and 2) the more weblogs, the more likely the number of authors is to grow (in the non personal uses) -- which is good for Six Apart.

I'm happy to see that I was not completely off base one month ago ;-), so it's not a surprise that I like the new licenses a lot more.

See all licenses fine prints.


Glad you like it thanks for the great feedback you have given us during our incubation phase :=)

Can I help you to change the license you paid last week ? let me know (by email)

We would like to know your piece of advice about the Commercial Edition pricing... Fair ? Too high ?

Laurent, leave me some time. I got the $600 license as a starter last week. Now that there are no limits on the number of weblogs, MT goes even further in fulfilling my need of setting up a weblog farm with just one installation on a server. I need more time to assess what it means when we'll ramp up the number of authors. Also, the support (which composes a good part of the price I guess) has to be tested (I've always been delighted with it with my personal license, receiving emails directly from Ben within the hour has always been such a treat ;-).