Corporate switcher

InfoWorld CTO moves to a Mac and dispels some of his misconceptions about Mac OS X. His conclusion is pragmatic and non religious:

Of course, a small, successful integration project on a small network in one CTO’s home hardly merits a mass OS migration at a Fortune 500 company, but my experience with the Mac at home forced me to re-examine my preconceptions. I’m grounded in reality, so I’m not expecting to replace all the Windows XP desktops and the Windows 2000 file/print servers at InfoWorld any time soon. Still, the next time I’m facing a mass desktop and network OS migration decision, Mac OS X will be on the list.

This will surely please Apple. But there is still no trace of Mac OS X in all those studies that complain about Microsoft Windows monopoly and merely cite Linux as the only alternative. Apple should donate a bunch of PowerBooks to those consultants at Forrester and alike.