To hot to blog anything good

What with these Britons again? They beat a 50-year old speed record and go nuts. Now they come close, but still under by a few °C, of the temperature we've had for a week all over France (and will have for another ten days), and they're ready to sodo sacrifice goats!

Now I hear that the Pope is praying for rain. A few degrees more and he would have done rain dances. For the sake of our mental health, could someone finally prove those ozone hole and greenhouse gazes theories true?


Sodomize Goats? Is that an effective way to make it rain?

Seriously though, even if they prove conclusively that we bipedal non tree-swinging types are 100% responsible for the current ozone depletion and accompanying warming (likely a practically unprovable hypothesis), what do you think that would change? Which nation (and it's citizenry) would step forward and ban the burning of fossil fuels to combat the damage already done? I suspect the answer is none.

Sure, nobody will "step forward". Could a probe with substantial output sustain more powerfull changing trends ? Yes.

But who cares ? More and more of us... The problem is that we are a minority in each nation. A global minority with... some influence !

Merci François !

I sympathize with the idea of a cleaner and healthier environment. I don't own an automobile, I never have. I don't smoke, I never have. I for the most part do everything (i.e. recycling, etc.) a so-called responsible person should do to not add to any problems, real or imagined, with the planet, but...

...but with the large populations on the planet, the burning of fossil fuels for transportation and agricultural concerns is not likely to be reduced any time soon. The genie is out of the bottle on this one. It is hopelessly unrealistic to think that you will. People may care, but not enough to actually give up the standard of living that they enjoy as a result of fossil fuel consumption. All this food we have in the west is a direct result of burning tons upon tons of the stuff daily.