No Vatican, No Taliban...

... is a sign you could see Thursday displayed by protesters in front of the Vatican. The Vatican, which just issued what can be seen as a political statement enjoining all catholics, and all country leaders to fight against all form of legal recognition of homosexual couples. The priest I'm watching on TV right now, who's explaining this fatwa, belongs to the Opus Dei, allegedly the most extremist catholic faction (I understand why the gay Italians compare them to talibans).

Such an amount of stupidity and hate leaves me speechless. I am
glad that the mention to the christian religion that the Vatican demanded to be cast in the European Constitution has been refused by the majority of the constituents, and I hope they will maintain their position when it will be ratified. The optimist in me wants to see in this desperate move a tangible sign of weakness from a religion-state -- the Vatican -- that looks more and more like an anachronism.