Apple, the only innovator in the IT business

Gavin Bell has an interesting post on Apple to take on Sony's role:

Business Week have a special online section on Apple this week. It makes for interesting reading, with one columnist justifying writing about Apple week after week because Apple is essentially the only innovator in the computer business, corporate desires removing any interest from the standard Windows laptop.
Another article suggests that Apple may become the new Sony, citing the success of the iPod as the basis for this. Steve Jobs said that Apple would "innovate through the downturn", when the stock market bubble burst.

Gavin makes a good point on how Apple is extending its reach on creative people in far more domains than its traditional DTP market, the influential people who are trends setters, but also the content creators.

There is room for improvements of course, and I'm not alone to think about not renewing this .Mac account if Apple does not beef it up (emphasis is mine):

Products like TypePad are the kind of quality internet offering that Apple should be providing, the .Mac homepage stuff is so 1999.