Caring for Your Introvert

Jason Kottke: je suis introverti mais je me soigne. I have mixed feelings about this.


Well, weblog as a blind group therapy. I always think that blog is partly therapy ( more or less depending on people, but you can't avoid it)... like writing a song, or painting... The difference is that everybody who have thechnology skills can make it.

I guess it can be that way, but not always.

As for the technological skills, yep, just anybody can setup a weblog. Not sure you actually need any skill at all, but that's a different story :)

Remember that a computer is still a strange thing for the majority of people (I mean, the average french people for example, is much different from parisian people with good diploma, must be the same in the US), handling a keyboard is still frightening for the majority. So, making an internet connection...understanding an easy software..understanding FTP basics..and making a blog thanks to a software, as easy it can be for us...