Paris Web 2010 — Call for speakers

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(Disclaimer: I manage the communication for Paris Web, this is a copy of the official call for speakers.)

Paris Web 2009 : Day 1 by ~Thanh.

Hello all,

Paris Web is a French conference organised each year and revolving around questions of web accessibility, quality and design. For its fifth edition, the conference wants to broaden its subject base and suggests that you think of this question:“Improve the user experience through appropriate design and contents” (non-limiting question).

Paris Web 2010 will take place on the 14-16th of October 2010, and we invite all the potential speakers to speak out and get in touch with us at

You can submit one or more topics under the following formats:
  1. Conference:  50 minutes, Q&A included
  2. Mini-conference: 15 minutes, without Q&A
  3. Workshop: 1 hour 30 (or 3 hours for a double-length workshop)

Conferences and mini-conferences will take place in amphitheaters on Thursday and Friday. Workshops will take place in 40 to 60 people rooms on Saturday. They are a moment of intense interactivity, and can be either theoretical or practical (rooms with computers will be provided if necessary).

The deadline for proposals is set to the 31st of May 2010.

Ideally, here is the form your proposal should have:
  1. You, in a few lines
    Who are you? What is your experience? Your specialty?
  2. Your subject
    In up to ten lines, a title (doesn't need to be the definitive choice)
    and a summary of what you wish to deal with. Please indicate the
    estimated level of the audience.
  3. The form of your intervention
    According to you, will this be better suited for a conference, a
    mini-conference, or a workshop? (We can talk about it.)

People who have submitted a subject will be notified personally, whether their subject is selected or not.

If you are selected, you will be able to have your travel expenses and hotel paid. Please bear in mind that videos will be recorded and will be made available for free on the internet (under the CC-By-NC licence).

We can't wait for October!

DSC_1229 by lejoe.

If you want to have a look at what it's like, there are close to 1,600 pictures of past Paris Web events on Flick.