Introducing SmartTrim (Movable Type plugin)

SmartTrim is a Movable Type 4 plugin that aims to provide a smarter trimming global modifier than words or trim_to.

The stock MT global modifier words cuts at a certain number of words without any control on the resulting length. trim_to cuts to a specific length but can cut a string in the middle of a word.

SmartTrim will trim a string to a target character length without cutting words, and can append an optional ending string like an ellipsis to the result.

N.B. This is the first MT plugin that I release publicly, and I'm no Perl wizard. Feedback much appreciated!


Hi, I appreciate your work. I use your plugin for MT 4.
But now I have to upgrade to newer version. I mean MT 5.
In MT 5, it doesn't work. is there anyway to upgrade this plugin?
Thanks in advance!!!

Hi Afshin, thanks. This plugin works with MT5 as well.

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