Is hypocrisy safe for work?

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A couple days ago I posted a link on Twitter, in a tongue-in-cheek response to a friend saying that the link was safe for my work but probably not his. I was surprised to see a reply to my tweet from a URL shortening service called with a link to this (click the screenshot to enlarge it):


A Not Safe For Work filtering service that advertises hookers on its front page, how hypocritical(*). Now if I follow the saying that one should not attribute to malice what can be more easily explain by stupidity, this is a good example of irony.

Oh, and speaking of the whole hypocrisy of this NSFW circus, what's with this ridiculous 5 out of 10 rating? Clearly if is just half safe for work, puritanism in America is not what it used to be ;-).

(*) I suspect they'll pass the buck by saying it's just a Google Ad. Except it's always this one that popped up when I tried the service and they could choose to ban it. I guess Google AdSense is delivering on its promises and the ad is just lucrative enough :p.