In memory of Roland Piquepaille

I have the very bad habit of keeping pages in tabs in my news aggregator each time I think I might write or do something about them. Most of the time (i.e. close to 100% right now) I procrastinate and do nothing with them. But there's one I kept stalled for a longer time than I should have, simply because it made me very sad when I read its headline in ZDNet's feed: Rest in peace Roland Piquepaille.

I met Roland "in real life" at the first Les Blogs conference (before it was called Le Web). We had met previously online, and that's for real as far as I'm concerned, through the blogosphere. I remember a friendly conversation with a very nice man, who I admired (and still do) for his dedicated and amazing work at collecting, deciphering and reporting science news for the rest of us. He was very happy at the time, after a lot of work doing this on his personal blog, Primidi, with the brand new tribune he had just won at ZDNet's Emerging Tech.

Fairwell Roland, we miss you.