Air New Zealand stupid web proxy policy

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On my way to Webstock, I'm sitting in the Koru Lounge of Air New Zealand in Auckland International Airport, waiting four more hours than expected because Air New Zealand canceled my flight to Wellington. Although they informed and rescheduled other Air New Zealand passengers to more convenient flights, they "forgot" to do so for Air Calin passengers (ironically this was a co-share flight with Air New Zealand). I had to go to three different desks until one nice attendant gave me access to the business lounge, so I could eat something and get an internet access.

Apart from fucking up my entire afternoon schedule in Wellington, all would be good if that internet access was not policed by this fucking stupid Websense proxy that is the apanage of retarded corporations—mostly British ones in my experience, but I know a few French ones that are (ab)using it too. It's already a pain in the ass and a sign of bad management within a corporation(*), but come on, on a public internet access offered to clients coming from all over the world... how stupid is that? Air New Zealand, what's wrong with you? Policing my internet is none of your business.

And now on to hack around that stupid filter to escape those idiots' filters and surf freely without some random censorship... (Done using Squid on one of my servers, geek powa! :-)

(*) I'm battling against what we call, in French, le proxy à la con — literally the stupid proxy. It's a complete waste of time and money on most intranets, and it's downright stupid on a public wifi hotspot.