Australian chauvinism

I just don't get Australian chauvinism. Perhaps because I'm European and we have our own particular approach, deeply rooted in our (war) history, to nationalism. But after seeing literally zillions of occurrences of "100% Australian Made and Owned" just about everywhere in Sydney, I still don't get the need for this kind of show-off.

My last good laugh at it is from a box of Carman's "Original Fruit-Free Muesli". After the compulsory "100% Australian Made and Owned", we find this fantastic declaration (emphasis is mine):

We always try our best to source our quality ingredients from Australian farmers. Unfortunately, that is not always possible and sometimes we have to import ingredients from other countries.

What an horror! Shame on those Australian farmers who force Australian muesli-lovers to eat imported junk from overseas(*). Shock and awe!

And I gotta love this last one: "Proudly Printed on 95% Australian Recycled Board." That leaves us with infinite speculations about the remaining 5% of that board. Not recycled? Imported? As inconceivable as it seems, could it possibly be both?

No, seriously, what is this compulsive need for displaying proudness all about? You've got a continent of your own and you're afraid of the outside world?

(*) Which can be the only explanation for that piece of tooth-breaking stone we found in this Carman muesli pack.