Using Movable Type as a CMS and NewsML feeds generator

I'm putting the last touches on a CMS to generate custom NewsML feeds for internet portals. It's based on Movable Type 4.2 and allows for custom multimedia content and feeds for each portal. NewsML is a very versatile norm that allows for many, many things (its 200-page definition is frankly frightening! Thanks to L. Le Meur(*) from AFP for publishing his NewsML for Dummies [PDF, 128KB]).

MT is still lacking certain features to make it a full-blown CMS platform above its blog engine origins, but its design, template system and tags make it flexible, powerful and affordable (low learning curve and low cost) at the same time. That's its charm in my opinion for projects like this one.

(And it's always nice to see some content flow from a "tiny" MT to a "big" public portal, one can easily forget how complicated it used to be to syndicate content on the internet last century ;-).

Note :
(*) No, that's not the same LLM. ;-)


François, I'm looking into exporting MT 4.2 news stories in NewsML, too. Have you finished your work with this yet?

Immer wieder taucht die Frage auf, wie sich SSI in WordPress einbinden läßt ohne sich großartig z.B. in die PHP-Programmierung einarbeiten zu müssen

HAllo francois

Is your newsML platform ready for production?

Thank you for your Kind Reply.

Hi Robert,

my client's client has since evolved its XML format towards something easier to work with than NewsML. But I've built dozens of feeds with custom XML formats using MT, it's just a matter of clearly defining the format you want.

HI, Francois
we're looking for an affordable solution to host locally to conform our Wordpress based news portals to be able to transmit NewsML to certain aggregation partners (who don't pay us). We used to have an inhouse cgi/php solution which could publish out pages in any format but now we need something that basically can make a custom index ala RSS2 but with all the NTIF and a unique ID from the Wordpress stories. Need ASAP, so any help or guidance very much appreciated.

Hi Chris,

sorry but I don't work with WordPress and haven't used NewsML for a while either (as I said above, my clients have dropped NewsML for a much more pragmatical and simpler XML format).

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