Flying gadgets

The new flying whale Airbus A380 seems an airborne treat for gadget fans.

Methinks airlines should consider actually reducing the electronics on some seats. I'd be more than happy to get only power and internet connectivity to hook my own laptop or smartphone, plus a couple of widgets for displaying movies, the flight map and information in my web browser. I wonder how much that would decrease the production and maintenance cost of a seat. I know there are some security issues (you wouldn't be able to use your portable during landing and takeoff) but providing a computer and a screen on each seat seems a bit overkill to me.

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Not to mention that those computers will age and soon react slower than common household computers, making the experience less enjoyable over time.

I'm mostly annoyed by the lack of an internet connection. It's like owning a Ferrari and only driving it in your garage for 3 metres back and forth.

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