Multiple Custom Fields with WYSIWYG edition in Movable Type ?

I've been wasting a day trying to find an answer to the following need: being able to add multiple custom fields of text editable with a WYSIWYG editor in a Movable Type installation.

Actually, I have yet to see multiple WYSIWYG editors on an edit screen in MT. There are only two fields which can be edited that way: the body and the extended entry fields, and there wrapped together in the same editor. I wish the Custom Fields plugin would have a "Rich Text" field type that would trigger the WYSIWYG editor. That would really allow MT to be used as a versatile Content Management System.

Oh Lazy Web, is my quest a fool one?

P.S. PlasticField is the beginning of an answer (it's WYSIFUC and a little buggy though, but it does "scratch the itch").


I would love it if MT allowed me to create entry fields that the VISITOR can use to input data. Suppose I wanted my blog to collect information from visitors - right now they can only submit data in the form of text (comments.) I want to be able to create radio buttons, drop-down menus, etc (as many as I want) for the user to use.

IF only if I was a programmer . . .

This, actually, is possible, since the user profiles on the MT forums are personnalized with Custom Fields. Unfortunately, this appears to be a feature of MT Community Solution, not a standard feature of MT or MTOS.

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