Atlassian User Group Paris 2008 Wrap-up

We've had lots of interesting conversations yesterday at the first Atlassian User Group in Paris. Thanks to all the folks who attended, spoke, interacted and made it lively and rich. And double thanks to the great people at Publicis Consultants and Atlassian who made this happen: Martin Menu, Laura Khalil, Josh Wold and Jeffrey Walker (who are busy setting up their European headquarters in Amsterdam) in particular, as well as Mohamed Benyahia and Alexei Barantsev who presented for Ingenico.

There were a majority of Confluence and Jira users. And although we mainly spoke about wikis and Confluence (that was a choice to keep the content and audience consistent), the Jira folks didn't seem too upset about it. May be that's because no one's got issues with Jira after all ;-).

It was a good event IMHO, I hope you enjoyed it too.

Here is the presentation of the SFR Service Client wiki (relooked from the one made and presented by Cédric Blum at the Enterprise 2.0 Sumit @ CeBIT).

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