NetNewsWire, FeedDemon and all NewsGator client readers are now free

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Mac users and users of NetNewsWire Lite rejoice, the best feed reader for Mac (IMHO) is now free. Voilà NetNewsWire 3.1 in its full power, gratis, indefinitely. Kudos to Brent Simmons and NewsGator for offering this wonderful gem. I've been using it for years and couldn't live without it today.

P.S. I didn't notice at first, but NewsGator's feed reader for Windows, FeedDemon is now free as well. NewsGator has divided its product lines towards two targets: businesses and individuals (look at their URLs, very clear!), the later being free, including subscription synching to the NewsGator servers (a very cool feature for those of the news junkies who constantly move from one computer to another and want to remain in sync with their news feeds).

P.S. 2 Greg Reinhacker has a good write-up on his blog that's infinitely better than the boring NewsGator press release (I agree with Tim Bray, why do we need those PRs?). The most interesting being the "attention" or activity data they're going to track with those readers (see the discussion in the comments, I believe this is very interesting if done properly).