Stupid WiFi business at Starbucks, continued

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Thanks to Mandy Southgate, I discovered that my post on the stupid wifi business from T-Mobile and Starbucks is #1 on a Google search for Starbucks WiFi London. And it apparently cost both Starbucks and T-Mobile a customer:

So, not finding anything specifically pertaining to Wi-Fi on your website, I googled "Starbucks Wi-Fi London" and thank goodness I came across this blog: On this blog, I learnt that a) the Starbucks service is exorbitantly expensive; b) it is unreliable and flawed and c) that there are free Wi-Fi spots all over London.

So in a way this is not a complaint but a letter of gratitude; because had I received decent service at any part of my transaction today, I would have signed up for Starbucks Wi-Fi at any cost you decided to charge me. Instead, I get to eat in decent restaurants, with decent service and fresh food, all the while enjoying free Wi-Fi.

Don't all marketers hooked on web 2.0 love User Generated Content? Well... may be not all of them after all.