Is Your Site Design Ready For The Future?

What happens to existing interface design conventions when exposed to a paradigm shift? What happens when a fundamental principle upon which you've build nearly everything begins to crumble?

It's an important question to consider, because even though you may not have noticed, things are starting to change.
We've grown accustomed to interface elements like rollovers or other items that change not when clicked, but when the cursor happens to move over them. Menus appear. Sliding boxes slide. Invisible elements glow or change color. Previously dormant objects spring to life and in doing so shout, "Oh! By the way, I can be poked too! Do it! Do it NOW!"

But--and now we get to the crux of the matter--what happens when there's no pointer?

Yes, this is about the iPhone. And more.

CFInternals runs a series of posts that should give some food for thoughts to web designers: Is Your Site Design Ready For The Future?

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