Voting systems company threatens Dutch state

The scandal of electronic voting in Europe continues with a new episode: Jan Groenendaal, head of the Nedap/Groenendaal consortium which builds the Nedap voting machines, is apparently threatening the Dutch governement. Read the whole article, it's really enlightening.

As machines unreliability and lack of security are being exposed, and therefore banned, one could see this coming as obvious. I hope this whole mess falls apart quickly across Europe, and everybody get back to their drawing board, politicians first for playing fools with democracy.

As for our American friends, I'm not sure they're getting it:

The state of New York is currently contemplating buying 28.000 Nedap voting computers (sold as "LibertyVote") and accompanying software (appropriately named "LibertyControl").

I hope they're getting LibertyFries with that! :p