The 1998 Bill Gates deposition video is back

We knew that Bill Gates has his own reality distortion field, but now we can see it again live in front of a camera with the return of the 1998 Bill Gates Deposition Video.

Ironically enough, the whole series is using Microsoft WMV proprietary format. I'm pretty sure there are a few execs in Redmond who are dreaming about a perfect DRM-driven world, where they could just press a button and poof! instantly make that video unplayable for all. Read your video player fine print, chances are that the legal provisions to do so are already there (they are, at least, in all recent versions of Windows Media Player, in addition to something akin to letting Microsoft do whatever they fancy with your computer and data, remotely and without any responsibility whatsoever [even better, you take the risk of being sued] — Same goes with Apple by the way, welcome to the dark side of DRMs).

[Via Tristan Nitot, aka Mozilla's Ballmer ;-)]

P.S. and there are some perls in the MS emails posted along with the videos: like Jim Allchin to Bill Gates, entitled 'losing our way,' in which Allchin states 'I would buy a Mac today if I was not working at Microsoft.'

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