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  1. Open the computer to write a post
  2. Think for a second that it would be nice to test Firefox 2.0
  3. Go for the easiest path and use Safari
  4. Spend half an hour preparing the post, checking pages for quotes and links
  5. Preview the post
  6. Check something in the previous tab
  7. Click just a few pixels too far on the left, close the "Preview Post" tab!
  8. Curse out loud
  9. Check the cache files for Safari to no avail
  10. Remember that Firefox 2.0 has the ability to reopen closed tabs
  11. Verify that it wouldn't have made any difference (it doesn't remember the state of the page/form payload, just its URL)
  12. Curse Movable Type for its stupid way of handling post preview: i.e. it doesn't save anything and it doesn't warn you that you're going to lose data when you attempt to close the window/tab (like it does when you're in Edit mode)

I want a TRUE undo when closing ONE tab or a window in web browsers. Firefox 2.0 doesn't offer a true one, and the UI is not intuitive (I want it in the Edit/Undo menu or cmd-Z as it should be, not lost under a secondary sub-menu in History). Safari doesn't even remember the tab at all.

Meanwhile, oh lazy web I have a request for thee! A plugin that shows a warning when "you fool are trying to close a tab with a FORM and plenty of unsaved data in it". Please :-).