Wrote a blog, got the sack, a first in France?

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Dixon Wilson, a British accounting firm, is going to learn a lot about blogs in no time for being the first company1, in France, to sack an employee because of her blog.

Read: things fall apart and Wrote blog and got the sack. V bad. Will sue.

Let's see how ridicule Dixon Wilson gets, as the news starts spreading around French blogs...

- Guillermito: Free Petite Anglaise !. "Damn, I hate this stuff. I hate when people are punished for not being robots. For being bright. For being humans. For being talented and creative."
- CNN: 'Bridget Jones' blogger fire fury. I love this part: "Sanderson claims she was dismissed for "gross misconduct" because her blog, clearly carrying her picture, risked bringing the company into disrepute." Indeed.
- Catherine has posted an article on the Guardian: I was fired for blogging where she says she opted for a trial rather than a settlement. Although the latter would be the fastest and probably best option for her, she's making this affair a case of principle, hoping that "Petite versus Goliath will help clarify some of these issues and create some useful legal precedents for French bloggers who may fall victim to a similar fate in the future."

1. She might not be the first, if I believe this (though this one didn't get the same exposure, and motives of dismissal are not so clear).