The Gimp's lack of UI

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Daniel Glazman perfectly summarizes the problem with Gimp's lack of UI

  • it's a perfect example of the worst of free software
  • a geeky user interface made for geeks by geeks who just don't care if the rest of the world find their user interface too geeky
  • it's so obscure than even a geek like me is lost in that UI...
  • the Gimp's UI is the strongest factor against the success of the Gimp in front of other image editing tools, free or not. Because of its UI, the Gimp is a blocking factor to bring Linux on the desktop

I've got the same impression since the first time I used Gimp. I took me ages to just figure out how to open and save a file. Trouble is... that was years ago! I see they're not making much progress on the user interface front, that's too bad.