Web entrepreneurs don't use Microsoft's products

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Ross Mayfield (SocialText) doesn't trust Microsoft's approach to the web, that's what Robert Scobble acknowledges in listing 12 reasons Web 2.0 entrepreneurs aren’t using Microsoft’s stuff. He's forgetting at least one more reason: reliability. I dumped all the Microsoft "stuff" out of our web platform years ago because I got bored of having the OS, the web server, the search engine, the database and who knows -- or doesn't know, you'd be surprised at how little the IT people really know about Microsoft's products and how to diagnose issues with them -- would be the next stuff crashing at the worst possible moment. Not that LAMP is without faults, but in the very rare occasions where we've got a problem, it's always been diagnosed and fixed within hours. Simon Willison says it's taking charge of your own destiny, I couldn't agree more.