New email virus in town

In the last 12h I've received a flurry of emails, sporting titles such as "Registration Confirmation", "You visit illegal websites" (from the FBI, nice ;-)), "Your IP was logged" (from the CIA, even nicer!), "Mail Delivery Failed", "Your Password", "hi, ive a new mail address", "Your password has been successfully updated" (from, etc. They all include a ZIP file that itself contains a virus (infecting Windows).

It seems to be well spread and/or quite active, I've seen it on four addresses including a corporate one, and already received two reports from work, including the now traditional complaint that we're spamming people*.

Don't open attachements in unknown emails. And switch to Mac OS X or Linux if you can ;-).

(*) To circumvent anti-spam initiatives from ISPs, spammers now use spambots in the form of virus that infect Windows PCs (I've yet to see that on other OSes) and using those PCs to send spam through their own internet connection. They also crawl the user's disk drive to find email addresses and send spam to those, faking the "From:" address also from the harvested information. This explain why you can receive spam and viruses from companies or people you know, without them being involved in those activities (or even infected by those viruses). So, don't blame them too quickly.


How can I get rid of the 'hi, ive a new mail address" and the Paris Hilton/___ ritchie viruses - we have norton but just got our computer back from servicing and now we keep getting messages with these messages. I have updated our norton but this does not seem to have worked.
Any suggestions?

Norton is an anti-virus, not an anti spam. You need an anti-spam feature on your email (which can be at your ISP, or in your email client).

My problem is this...I've not gotten the virus itself, I'm getting the "Mail Delivery Failure Notice" and things of that nature where the virus has spoofed my email address...the strange thing is, it's sending itself out using just about any email address within my domain, even email addresses that I've NEVER even used is this so? It's sending emails out using postman@, webmaster@, etc...

How do I stop the madness of having my email address spoofed and repeatedly sending out the virus to people?

Amy, me too, and I'm afraid you can't do anything about it, apart from letting your anti-spam delete that junk email for you :-(.

Amy, BTW, if you're receiving emails from unused addresses, it means you have a "catchall" rule setup in your email server that catches anything@yourdomain... Remove that rule and you'll decrease the amount of spam you receive.

I appreciate the advice regarding the catchall account. I'll take care of that and that'll cut down on some of my problems. I just wish there was something I could do to make this virus stop spoofing my domain email addresses because I would really hate for someone to actually believe that I sent them the virus. I don't even have the virus myself...I've always been very careful with attachments, spyware, the whole nine yards. I just hope that everyone else has...
Thanks again!

I think I have a virus how do I get rid of it my nortan is not picking the virus up

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