Macromedia Contribute moving towards blogging?

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Macromedia is conducing yet another blog authoring survey, which starts with:

This survey is designed to help the Contribute development team better understand the requirements necessary to deliver a compelling blog authoring tool. The team is now forming an Advisory Council to help refine our feature set. By helping with this survey, you'll be considered to participate in the coming Advisory Council.

The survey looks much shorter than the previous one they did (no words on blogging systems or interfaces/APIs, it's more centered on media formats and external hosting facilities such as Flickr and alikes). They forgot MS Office 2004 in the list on one question, so their results are going to be false on that one.

For a shorter, Macromedia Contribute is a slimmed down version of Dreamweaver that is much simpler to use and geared at content contributors (you can't design a site with it, only manage its content). I wrote on their Web Publishing System back in the past, and dreamed of a Contribute-MT integration once (on which a Macromedia Contribute Technologist asked for more info, which I gave but heard nothing back).

I still haven't managed (yet) to convince Daniel Glazman at Disruptive Innovations that Nvu (or rather a sister product) could (and should) venture alongside Contribute. Desktop applications for content management are still way ahead web-based ones, although with things like AJAX and XUL they're making a lot of progress in the UI -- i.e. feels like an application -- space.