It ain't your geek web (or is it?)

Teens don't use Yahoo! says Jeremy who points to Jeff Clavier's post about Web 2.0: the teenagers' web ain't the geek web:

Three words: MySpace, Facebook, AIM.

These services were the most often mentioned by the teenagers, and seemed to get the most of their attention. Then came Google, LiveJournal, MSN Messenger/YIM – because friends use them.

Clearly missing: Flickr, Skype, Yahoo, blogs – i.e most of the buzzwords we had been talking about for three days at the conference.

Of course one may want to take a conversation with just five american teens with a grain of salt before going full steam ahead in generalizations.

Meanwhile, BBC News goes all Slashdot/Kuro5hin. That's right, the Beeb is bringing to the masses the moderation system in use on the geekiest web property: Slashdot! I'm looking forward to seing it in action.

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