MT 3.2 is out

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Movable Type 3.2 is out. I have played for an hour with the last beta and can confirm that installing and upgrading have been significantly improved. At last TrackBacks can be moderated and there's an anti-spam mechanism built-in by default (only time will tell if it's solid). I spotted a few new features that will please the corporate webmaster wondering about that blog farm (e.g. the ability to restrict TrackBacks to an installation to avoid leaks outside the firewall, and better blogs and templates management, I also spotted one LDAP script but I haven't found what it does yet and the documentation is silent). Still no luck regarding a wysiwyg editor, we're stuck with wysifuc for yet another release. The User Manual has been improved (it's not finished yet and sports a funny "Beta Docs" badge), but is still missing a Blogger Manual (guys, where do I send my users who don't care about setting up a blog, but just want to start blogging and struggle on image and file uploads?)

I have a couple of blogs in the pipe, I guess a more torough review is in order...