At last, a WYSIWYG editor that departs from the old school ones. TinyMCE is a multibrowser/multiplatform javascript content editor which knows about CSS (check this example, it also sports an old school style when CSS is not an option). It looks easy to integrate (it has some capacity to replace TEXTAREA and DIV elements), has drag-and-drop support for links, custom callback functions and it's open source. Support is incomplete for Safari, but it looks good in Firefox.

I desperately need something like this in my blogging software...


Funny I wanted a similar thing today.
I've seen the name make the rounds, but I never actually checked the demos; probably thinking it was an oldschool wysiwiwmwyhs (what you see is what I will massacre when you hit Submit).

I can see a WordPress plugin for it, coupled with the themes support. Since most themes come with a single style.css file, the editor could be loaded (in a popup window to avoid conflicts with WP's CSS, maybe) with the current theme's stylesheet, and voilà! instant preview right where you're typing.

(And a dream: ideally it would also parse the stylesheet and propose classes for you depending on the context, for example propose the class .notes only in a div element when you only defined it by 'div.notes' in the stylesheet. I'm not sure how that could be done, maybe there are methods in JS to have an overview of defined styles, this way there wouldn't need to be any kind of nasty parsing of the stylesheet file.)

Is there a way to add in an image cropper?

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