London 7/7/05

It's a sad day today in London.

As usual, security measures will be further tightened pretty much everywhere, which will just make public transportation a little more difficult for everybody, and will not prevent in any way another attack. Apart from the foolish war that's going on in Irak, have our leaders a clue on what's going on and what to do? Tim Bray has a point:

I’m not saying that there’s any political grievance to which attacking New York, Madrid or London is a reasonable response. But when something is driving enough people into insane belief systems that we see regular explosions in our cities, it would be smart to care—a lot—what that something is. Because, on the evidence, I don’t think the leaders of the Western world have a clue.

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My first thought went to the Londoners.

A little later, I thought that what happened yesterday in London happens every day or at least week to Iraqis.

This morning I'm echoing Tim Bray's reflection : "This may sound nuts, but doing our best to just ignore them would be good. They’re not gonna cause any policy changes this way, but at least they get to control what’s on CNN & the BBC for a while; maybe if they couldn’t even do that, the strap-on bomb would be less attractive. "

Ignoring that might not be very difficult. We Europeans accept the fact that a few thousand people in our country yearly die maimed, burnt, crushed or asphyxiated in cars, buses or trucks. And that thousands more emerge wounded or disabled for life out of the same accidents. I think one answer to terrorism would be to react to it in the same way we do for road accidents. Accept it as a risk...
I think some (lots of) Londoners reacted this way yesterday, sad and calm.

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