Ten years later

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In 1995, Business Week ran an excellent cover story on intranets, just around the time the buzzword was emerging into general parlance. Several CIOs were quoted as saying they had so-and-so many thousand Web pages behind their firewalls. They were crowing about it. But my take was that this content didn't get created top-down by the organization. Instead, these pages sprang up overnight like a crop of magic mushrooms on a rich mother lode of corporate horseshit.

Christopher Locke, Internet Apocalypso, The Cluetrain Manifesto

Replace "web pages" by blogs, and that's exactly the feeling I have right now while planting blogs around the organization. Except that this time, it will be CEOs who crave about "their" blogs, CIOs are still out of the picture (and CKOs have disappeared as far as I can tell).

That's what I love about the internet. After ten years in it, it's still changing and refreshing.