Fired For Blogging?

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Fired For Blogging? Not Exactly...

Of course, the whole idea of "fired for blogging" isn't exactly true. No one is getting fired for blogging; they're getting fired for what they say on their blog. It's like people who, for example, say something inappropriate at a conference about the company they work for. They're not getting fired for "speaking" or for "conferencing," but what they said.

This sums up exactly what I've been thinking those past few days, while reading the fuzz about a certain guy who moved from a big software company to go work for a certain big search engine company to finally get fired after a couple of weeks. It is reported that he was fired because of what he wrote on his blog, and quite frankly, after reading his prose, I have a hard time defending him. Surely, the "MIT or Standford plus 14 interviews marathon" recruitment strategy must have some limits.