Xmas geek gift

I've decided to give myself (and this blog) a treat by signing up to TextDrive's Holiday special plan. One year of hosting, shock-full of features, en bonne compagnie, for $99 (i.e. only 73€ at today's rate). I owe a special thanks to Damelon, whoever takes the TGV first, the beer and meal are on me. The deal ends tomorrow, should you be looking for a place for your site (they're very blog-friendly, even for MT, despite all the rage).

I shall be moving soon there, possibly (if not preferably) breaking things up in the journey (if breaking things more than they already are is at all possible). Sorry in advance. Anyway, you should be having some holiday fun rather than hanging around this insignificant blog ;-).

Joyeux Noël (again).


If the meal and the whiskey ;) are on you I'll definitely come there, but it will have to wait until spring when we can sit outside. Sorry, really a non-smoker here. Also, when I hit Paris I need to finally meet Christophe, and Laurent, and Gummi, and...

Lots of good reasons to finally plan a trip

Will the switch to textdrive mean a switch t using textpattern too? I recently started using it on my site.

I don't think so Matt, I'm still happy with MT and the learning curve to another blog system is a killer. I'd rather use time to fix the many issues I have with my 2 year-old templates.

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