Poles push software patents off EU agenda

Yes! Those, with their ugly hidden agenda, who wanted to impose software patents without neither a discussion nor a democratic majority in the parliament, have been rebuffed one more time. Proof that public pressure has an effect over lobbies. I truly hope this directive will never see the light, and that Europe will remain free of software patents. With the US slowed down with their broken patent system ("my portfolio is bigger than yours, don't you dare to sue me!"), this could be one of the biggest competitive advantage we can gain from doing nothing to align to the US demands.

Thanks Poland!


Just one more reason why Poland rocks!

BTW, I think that software patents are already legal, but the extent is quite limited.

BTW, did you know that your talktome.cgi file is a bit dodgy? When you click "preview" or "post" on it, I get back a 404 when it looks up the /nospam.php page.

Mmh, testing... Right, the preview does not work as intended. A side effect of my anti-spam counter measures. But I haven't got a clue why, yet.

OK, found it. A missing attribute in the comment preview and error templates. It's fixed.

IANAL but I don't think software patents exist in Europe, at least not in France. Intellectual property by copyright protection, yes, but patents, no.

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