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All Internet experts know that the net cannot work without a little bit of magic, so it won't come as a surprise to see Hermione Granger representing Hogwarts listed as the first attendee to the last ICANN conference in Cape Town.

The Register wonders if ICANN needs some teaching in magical arts, may be some lessons in the Dark Forces against the evil Voldemort aka Yoshio Utsumi, secretary-general of the ITU. It also speculates about CEO Paul Twomey being Harry Potter. "It's the only logical explanation. How else could ICANN have survived until now?" says ICANN watcher Michael Koomfrin. Further investigation revealed that ICANN VP Paul Verhoef was Ron Weasley, but ICANN has refused to comment on rumours that chairman Vint Cerf was actually Draco Malfoy.

I wonder who Joi Ito is, really.