Comment spamitis notice

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Due to a recent epidemy of comment spam on this weblog, to the point that I now waste a significant time every day cleaning this shit, I've forced comment moderation. I can't get MTBlackList 2.0 to work since it requires a Perl library that is not installed on this shared server ( Obviously this will slow down conversations (at least when I'm away), but it will indeed nullify the effects of those scumbags droppings. I need to change my templates to allow for TypeKey-authentified comments to appear directly.

Update (to be cont'd): ah ah, not funny, the old SimpleComments I was running was outputting the unapproved comments (bad, kind of defeats the goal isn't it?) but the latest version now requires! Private joke for Damelon: OK, I know I need to get a better host ;-). So I guess it's time to get back to the good old MTComment tags...