Bose SoundDock

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I've listened to a Bose SoundDock system yesterday at the Paris Apple Expo, and they are clearly a thing apart from the other sound-speakers docks for the iPod. Great sound, remote control, really plug-and-play, very nice design. They will ship next month for 379€ (VAT incl.) in Europe and $299 (exc. tax) in the US. I found nothing on Bose's web site yet.

This said, I must say that my ears are spoiled, as I've been a Linn customer for many years, and clearly this is not playing in the same league (nor price, I admit). I think there is an opportunity for someone to provide an iPod dock that would feature a charger for the battery, remote control and a quality line out to plug into a home stereo. Or may be that exists already?

On a side note, the Bose SoundDock made me realize that all the features such as line out and remote controlling of the iPod can also run out from the dock connector, not just the connector on top of the iPod.

[Update] Corrected the name after Bose finally announces the product by a press release. (But still nothing on Bose web site as of Sept 16, this is silly.)