I, Consumer

I went to see I, Robot tonight and liked it just as much as I like those polished Hollywood blockbusters. Except for one thing, and you've probably read that all over the web already, the stupid product placements spanning the whole movie. Especially those shoes! Now listen, shoe marketers, the only thing you achieved with those repetitive and dumb placements is to make me averse (ah!) to this particular brand. I hope you paid a lot for this very efficient turn off.

And to the film makers, do you really think that after watching the mandatory 20 mn ads before the show we'd like to endure even more commercials within the movie we paid to see?

Welcome to the movie industry, so long for le septième art.


Unless, of course, we're talking about le septième art de vendre.

It's not the first time, and not the last that I guess, that a passable movie turns into a huge advertising. (cfr i.e. Minority Report ...). At least people talk about the movie ... ;-)

That is correct Bartdude, however for Minority Report I did not find the placements as obnoxious as in I, Robot. Plus if you know the universe of Philipp K. Dick, he did picture a society where businesses would invade your privacy like it is shown in that movie.

You can depict a business-based society without showing any known marks... Advertisings in MR could have been about fake marks, you probably will have understood that the MR-society was ruled by business, I think.

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