Movable Type 3.0D Plugin Contest Winners

Six Apart just announced the winners of the Movable Type 3.0D Plugin Contest. We have, in order:

  1. Jay Allen with MTBlackList 2.0 -- spam-blocking and management system for comments and trackbacks
  2. Andrew Sutherland with KoalaRainbow -- visualization engine
  3. Tim Appnel with Xsearchplus -- a Plucene-powered search engine and system for plugging alternate search engines
  4. David Raynes with MultiBlog -- a plugin that allows the user to include templated content from one blog in the template of another
  5. John Gruber with Markdown -- a text-to-HTML conversion tool
  6. Chad Everett with Notifier -- a subscription service for email notifications

These plugins, along with more others, will be distributed by Six Apart in a free plugin pack near the release of MT 3.1. This materializes the bet of Six Apart that the plugin architecture of Movable Type will foster a lot more innovation that the company can provide alone.

Personally I wish I could get a hand on those plugins asap, specifically MTBlackList 2.0, MultiBlog and Notifier for which I have an immediate need!

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Your wish is my command. :)

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