Apple WWDC 2004 Beer Bash

Photographs from the WWDC Beer Bash event at Apple campus in Cupertino. Click on any image to zoom.

It starts in the bus to Cupertino. The fog is slowly descending the mountains:

I love this address, 1 Infinite loop!

Lining up for the Company Store, 30 mn minimum at all times (I'll go to the SF store, less wait):

In the campus, view on the main lobby:

The lawn (the grass is so thick and resistant, it's almost unatural but confortable) and folks watching the concert:

A closer look at the band playing:

Dancers in the dark:

More dancers in deeper darkness:


Glad to see the guys still do their juggling on the campus.
And regarding Caffe Apple: you know, French are not the only people in the world renowned for their coffee culture... and there's another country where the word Caffe is spelled with two 'f's (and not accent on the 'e') ;o)

Argh, right, me stupid :o) I'll correct that.

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