A few advices for MT3.0xD upgrades

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If you are upgrading your Movable Type weblog from any version to 3.0D or 3.01D, here are a few advices from the trenches:

  • If you are hosting it under Apache 2, beware of charset mismatches. MT3.0 now uses UTF-8 as its default encoding (which is good) but Apache 2 backwardly dictates ISO-8859-1 by default (which is wrong)
  • In a freshly downloaded MT3.01D folder, check in the lib/MT/Template folder for a file named #Context.pm# and remove it if present (its name may cause your FTP server to balk and screw up the upload for subsequent files). I have filed a ticket to Six Apart and this will be sorted out in the distribution packages. This problem pertains only to the current MT3.01D version
  • If you cannot login after the update with an error that refers to a hash problem (the error message is different depending on the version), delete the mtauth cookie listed under your domain and relaunch your browser. This is an old issue

I hope this helps others to not waste as much time as I did with those tiny but annoying problems.