Looking for mobile phone advices

I have a question for the Mac OS X and mobile phones users out there. I need to buy a mobile phone that works in both the U.S. and Europe, mine (a Motorola Accompli 008) works only in Europe. Can you advise on a model, provided it has the following features as a minimum:

  • GSM tri-band (800/1800/1900 MHz), preferably GPRS, must be unlocked (I'm sticking with my current provider but I'm reluctant to be forced to)
  • Bluetooth
  • Fully compatible with iSync or provide a mean to synchronize address book and calendar with Mac OS X. Better if capable of synching with Entourage, although I can live with just iSync plus iCal and Address Book
  • Good autonomy (the Accompli needs a refill everyday and it's a bit painful)
  • Excellent reception (I live in an area that's not very well deserved and only one among three GSM providers has a 1800 MHz GPRS signal that works in my appartment)

Nice to have but absolutely not a selling point to me is a built-in camera, in which case it also must provide synching with the Mac.

I have an additional question: for those who use "traditional" phones with a numeric keypad, how convenient are they to enter contacts and events? I'm asking because I'm used to the smartphone (PDA/phone) combination with the Accompli which provides a keyboard on its sensitive screen that allows me to enter long texts, and I don't buy Steve Jobs' argument that you don't need a keyboard since you can use a Mac to enter those information. I'm constantly in situations where I'm fully autonomous with my Accompli and don't need to have the PowerBook with me just to take quick notes, update my agenda or send SMS, and I'm dubious of the usability of most models with a traditional numeric keypad.

I've done a quick assessment yesterday and found a few potential candidates, such as the Sony Ericsson T610, Z600 or P900 (the P900 looks like a very powerful, and expensive, replacement for my smartphone). I didn't dig the Nokia world so far.

Also if you have positive or negative experience on a model used in conjunction with a Mac, I'd be happy to hear the details from you (no "brand X sucks" without a legible explanation, please ;-).