Upgrade to MT 3.0D

I didn't plan to upgrade my Movable Type installation right now, but a spammer who's apparently in love with my site left about 160 comment-spams in a couple hours. The automatic IP ban throttle of MT 2.661 is a joke, I received a notification of ban after 80 comments! So I decided to test the new comments management features and voilà, upgrade plus comment deletion in less than 30 minutes.

One caveat though that I discovered during the process (I missed it during the alpha/beta test): the default encoding has been changed from iso-8859-1 to utf-8 and this is BAD for an upgrade. If your existing content contains non ASCII characters coded in iso-8859-1, you will need to change the PublishCharset preference as well as check that NoHTMLEntities has the right setting (for me it was commented out in 2.661, it's set to 1 in MT 3.0D). I'm glad I had a second user with a login name in ASCII, because I couldn't login after the upgrade with my regular login name because of the encoding! If your content is pure ASCII, you don't need to worry about this change.

I didn't change any template yet, If you experience anything funny with this weblog -- and I'm not refering to its content ;-) -- let me know.

Now is the time to think about which policy I'm going to adopt to keep this dumbass from spamming this site without annoying all legitimate commenters. I don't want to use TypeKey for various reasons (the first one being that I don't think it will deter spamming, the second one being that as a European citizen, I resent forcing visitors to leave their personal information on a central server hosted in a country that doesn't respect the European laws on privacy protection.) I'm also resisting closing comments after a certain time, since I've received interesting comments in the past on old entries, however it's probably the most efficient method and I might have to resort to it. A good method in MT 3 would be to enable moderation, but it requires a great reactivity on my side and, I fear, is rather aggressive in a world where people are used to instantaneity.

BTW, I set the comment throttle to 60 seconds, so if you plan to post two comments in a row, take some time to polish that second comment ;-).


Can you comment on other new features or UI in MT3? Any improvements or changes? No one seems to actually describe this software anywhere, and 6A hasn't even got screenshots.

Andrew, I found one interesting review with screen shots that I posted a few days ago in my linksblog.

The same spam attack happened to me yesterday as well — tons of messages from an online gambling place from Michigan. Had to erase them manually (boring) and I'm afraid I don't know how to block the IP (the clever boyfriend is in New York). Did someone just figure out how to post super-multiple comments throughout a single blog?

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