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The next big life project for the better half and me: move to San Francisco. Seriously. I'm chasing for advices... and a job, eventually!

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Leaving the 'old world' are we? It's popular to do, so I understnad ;)
You been out to San Francisco before then?

> You been out to San Francisco before then?

Oh yes, many times! I have a bunch of old friends there. I love it quite as much as I love Paris, which is something :-).

I guess if you just can't stand to live anyplace with reasonable housing costs, SF is a good place to go.

Especially with the better half's taste in terms of apartments ;-)

Besides the expensive housing, there's also the earthquakes and the lack of IT jobs, but seriously, it's not that bad, and if you can do without a view of the Golden Gate Bridge, you can live hereabouts comfortably and well.

Hell Jim I was raised like 90 minutes away from SF and the 50 or so times I was to the city for the day I don't think I ever saw the bridge with all the fog. Thank goodness for postcards. :)

Shucks, Damelon, you should've persevered. It's a lovely chunk of steel and reddish-orangish paint when you get to see it up close. I grew up in Sonoma, and the few times I went to the state capital, I was looking for some shade. As for postcards, what would we do without 'em. Most postal services would flounder and sink.

In my own defense Jim, had François told me he was planning to move to Sacramento I would have first, asked why? I would then have written him dozens of emails telling him why not. And if he persisted I would have alerted local authorities that he was about to harm himself. Without maligning the hot, boring place I was raised let me instead recommend Seattle. I loved it there.

Sacramento? Eh, I'm talking about San Francisco, the place about which Woody Allen said: "The worst winter I experienced in my life was a summer in San Francisco" :-).

François, keep up. We were talking a SF, but then we moved on to Sacramento. Jeez, you'd think it was his blog or something :)

Oh, well, vous êtes ici chez vous ;-).

Just for the record: François wrote he was thinking of moving to San Francisco, but Damelon comes from Sacramento, and I was trying to make a comment on that. Sorry for the confusion. And the worst winter I ever experienced was a week at the end of December in NY (1980). I do like Woody's movies though, especially his earlier, funnier ones.

Well, I agree with François, San Francisco's great and the rents are lower than NYC's (but the prices to buy are just as bad, alas). I think the quote about SF's summer was by Mark Twain (see here but that's what I've always heard. My boyfriend was born and raised in SF and said it gets might cold in August, due to the fog. Of course it's always been brillant and perfect when I'm there, so maybe it's just a lie to keep unpleasant Easterners away.

Look me up in Oakland once you get settled in over here...

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