London May 12-13

Off to London two days for a series of meetings and... this! Can't wait to meet with you guys.


Gee, who wouldn't want to be there for the great "LoicLondon" of May 2004!

An hour ago I was reading a blog about how the new Blogger makes Typepad pretty much obsolete, and I realized it made me smile. And yet I used to like Six Apart, until they paired up with u-blog.

Le Padawan a basculé du côté obscur de la Force ;-)

Laurent, I might have fallen on the dark side of the Force as you write, that side looks better, easier and much more attractive -- at least, compared to the smoke+football ridden ugly booze place where you park us at the Paris bloggers meetings ;-)

It was great fun and I got to see all the people I wanted to see and more.

Now I'm stuck at Waterloo for an unexpected 2 hours wait due to my train being cancelled, and this shitty Compaq PC Internet Kiosk. London is not exactly a WiFi dream place...

hmm that's bad luck Francios. Glad you had a good time, explains your presence in the UK ;)

So did your new buddies tell you all about the new MT licensing while you were hanging out or...?

Come on Matt :-), apart from a nice buffet with fellow bloggers, I came to see six people purely for business reasons.

Damelon, if I got a privilege, it lasted only a few hours, since this information became public today.

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