London May 12-13, in pictures

I'm terrible at reporting about events, so let's do it in images instead.

It starts with a badge:


I got to see and talk to Gavin Bell, the mobile Andrew Anker and Heiko Hebig among a lot of other people. Corry Doctorow poured a damn cold hatred on San Francisco which he obviously hates (but, hey! I know a few people who hate Paris, I guess those cities can't let one indifferent anyway).

I got a personal drawing from Hugh McLeod:


It tells you all about my fall to the dark side. I love it, thanks Hugh ;-).

Tom Coates revealed me where London's cheese temple hides:


(on top of the personal card of Anders Jacobsen, blogosphere photographer and competitor in real life ;-)

From Neil's Yard Dairy, I brought a fabulous cheese called the stinking bishop, a stilton and one which name I don't recall. I tell you my friends, people who can make good cheese cannot be totally evil.

I always use the subway while in London:


Got to Hyde Park for a mystery meeting with reps from The Empire:


All of this was a great mix of business work and fun. It's good to see things in movement and excited people.


Sorry to be a pendant, but London's cheese temple can actually be found here :

hehe, The Empire... :=)

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