The 17 proprietary ways to code a web page

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Since the web standards movement began, people have been saying W3C specs were irrelevant, everybody uses Netscape 4 Internet Explorer 4 5 6, the browsers won’t change, the browsers haven’t changed, okay the browsers have changed I stand corrected but do you realize how much money we make from knowing the 17 proprietary ways to code a web page, you people are fools, you people are bullies, you people are Nazis, validation doesn’t matter, there are no benefits, my client won’t let me, nobody cares, users don’t view source, everybody has high-bandwidth connections, everybody has Flash, blind people don’t buy my client’s product, if they didn’t want us using tables for layout they shouldn’t have uh, okay never mind that one, CSS doesn’t work, XHTML doesn’t work, IE handles XHTML the wrong way and therefore there’s no point in using XHTML, there’s no point in using CSS until all browsers support CSS3, there’s no point in using CSS if you have to compensate for potholes in IE’s support, and so on.

I love it.