MT comment throttling circumvented

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I've been hit yesterday by a comment-spammer who used a new tactic, at least new to me. 14 comment-spams were posted in 8 minutes using 12 different IP addresses assigned in 6 countries (US, Spain, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, China.) Clearly this defeats the comment throttling feature of Movable Type, since it relies only on the spammer using the same IP for subsequent comments. It also further confirms that screening spammers via IP addresses is not a viable method.

While I cannot and don't want to elaborate on that, there is one glimpse of hope that the upcoming MT 3 will reduce the annoyance from those villains (and, no, I'm not talking about TypeKey since it seems potentially useless as an anti-spam tool.)

I still don't understand why spammers continue to pollute weblogs that use the latest version of MT, since their links will have zero influence on their position in search engines and that people are unlikely to click on links from comments as stupid as "cool article!!!". Either they're stupid, or there is still something they can benefit from in doing that, which I'm missing. Any idea?